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Learning to sail at Gresford

At Gresford Sailing Club there are several ways to learn to sail

For Juniors (from around 5years up to 18) we have a training session which will start at the very basics up to race sailing held on a Friday night from 6.30 May to September.


A/   Join with one of our experienced sailors who will sail with you and show you how to sail this is normally during racing(Don’t worry it is not as hairy or scary as it sounds)

Come down to the club on a Wednesday evening 6.30–8.30 or Sunday afternoon 1.30–4.00 and meet the sailors and they will explain all.

Please note that you do not have to be RYA trained to sail, lots of our experienced sailors do not hold a certificate to say that they can do so but are still very capable sailors.

B/     We hold RYA Level 1 +2  these courses are designed to show you the basics of sailing.

You need to be a member of the sailing club to take part in the courses.

The cost

RYA Level 1 (4 days) £40

RYA Level 2  (4 days) £40

RYA Training dates

If you want any further information please do not hesitate to contact us either by email or by calling down at the club during race times.

Rookies At Gresford

Rookies check out the Reg Gibbs Day it’s especially for you

Rookie series

Welcome to all our Junior and newer sailors,we realise at Gresford Sailing Club the problems of sailing against experienced sailors,”what is the point I will never beat them” well hopefully we have addressed this issue.

It works like this, all races are eligible for the Rookie class so you will sail alongside the experienced sailors, this allows you to try and follow (or lead) the more experienced sailors, then at the end of the race the results are split into 2 sections The Rookies & The Experienced sailors.

We now have potentially 2 race winners 1 from the Rookies and 1 from the experienced sailors (Flash Masters).

With all these results we will then have 2 sets of results for the end of year awards where prizes and trophies will be awarded in each class.

The big advantage of us running this system is that all the Rookies will be racing against fellow Rookies and so hopefully will be encouraged to enter the main races and gaining much needed experience.

Buddy Program

Would you like to learn from an experienced sailor? Then check out our Buddy Program, there is a very good way of gaining experience on the water and that is to use the knowledge of a Flash Master, by crewing for an experienced sailor you will learn to understand how sailing and racing work and by having this understanding you will become a better sailor and will be able to take what you have learnt and apply this to  help you sail better on your own or with another crew.

If you would like to be part of the Budding Program or if you want any further information  either as a Flash Master or a Rookie then contact the club and we will try and put the two sides of the Buddy Program together.

A Rookie is any helm who is under 18 or anyone who is new to racing, has been a member for less than two years and has not previously won a prize.