Roadside Trees

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It is that time of the year again when we prune the trees around the Flash. This year it is the turn of the road side trees. Work started in October with John Dutton running his flail along the verge, but because of the stumps and low branches over the lake he was not able to get to them all. So the Committee decide to use some of the Covid Grant monies to hire contractors to cut and chip the remainder. Most of this work was completed before Christmas. Chris has now cleared the brambles and brush in the corner near Mark 5.

Mark 5 Corner AKA “The Fisherman’s Bench” clear again

Old Wrexham road has become a very busy walking and cycling route, particularly during Covid Lockdowns. Passers by have all been very complimentary of the work, delighted that they can now see the Flash again. One described it as the best Christmas Present she could have had.

To complete the works we will have the contractors back to finish the area between the boat park and the road and we are arranging with Tim to use his JCB to grub out the stumps.

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