The Juniors are back and the Goslings are hatching

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Puddle Ducks taking to the water for the first time

18 Juniors from 11 Families joined us for the first night of Junior Sailing this season many for the first time. It was also lovely to see older juniors returning to brush off and develop their skills after the lost season we had last year. Nick Simon and Brian are now supported by our growing group of aspiring instructors Lucia, David, Elin, Katy and Isabel, All of whom have been sailing with us for many years.

Pirates, brushing up their skills

It was also a pleasure to welcome back former juniors now returning as parents.

Mean while our Canada Geese have hatched their first brood with six goslings. The nest by the slipway still has 2 eggs,and is barrier to give the geese a bit of space. The swifts have been around for a few weeks now and a blue tit has nested in the clubhouse wall.

First clutch of goslings of the season at Gresford Flash.

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