SUP The Future, Social Sundays are here.

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First a huge thank you to Paula and Maurice from Mindful SUP (website ) for making our SUP trail so successful. 

Our trial of Stand Up Paddle Boarding came to an end on Sunday 20 June. Over 100 people have enjoyed Paula’s Introduction to Stand up Paddle Boarding. Many more have come to the club with their boards and enjoyed our “warm and friendly”, “sociable” Sundays. We have also started mixing the paddle boarding with social sailing and model boating. Social Sundays here we come.

During the trial we made a few mistakes, none too serious and we learned a lot. We have also welcomed several new members who are also now joining in with other club activities. So where next?

Running the SUP sessions has taken a lot of volunteer input, particularly having to run a booking system for visitors and temporary members through the current covid restriction. Our systems need updating. We also need more volunteers to open the club on a Sunday morning, prepare the safety boat and close up at the end of the day.

From Sunday 27 June we will move to “Social Sundays”:

  • SUP will run alongside Social Dinghy Sailing and Model boating.
  • Access to the Flash will be for full members only.
  • We will not be running a booking system, nor will we be offering day membership.
  • Members must sign in the logbook for Covid Track and Trace.
  • We need a group of named volunteers to open and close the club and prepare the safety boat.

If we can get enough Volunteers, then we may be able to offer temporary day membership and training in the future.

In the mean time, for anybody wanting SUP training Paula and Mindful SUP will be offering courses on the River Dee. You can contact Paula through her website

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