Saturday Family Sailing

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Why should the kids have all the fun? As Friday evening juniors came to an end we asked if any of the parents would like to learn to sail. Nine parents and eleven juniors have taken up the challenge on Saturday mornings.

Parents and Juniors improving their skills

The aim is to build enough skills for more of our members to join and enjoy our Frostbite series of races in November and December. This not a formal RYA Stage 1 training course, but does follow the RYA Method to introduce (or reintroduce) members to sailing and to be able to sail round one of our racing courses either as helm or crew.

Junior Coaching on Saturday mornings

For the Juniors who are already at RYA Level 1-2 we are starting to introduce the basics of racing. We will start to introduce the parents to racing through the later sessions, then coach them throughout the Frostbite series.

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