Prize-giving 2022

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A very cold & frosty morning greeted us at The Flash. Chris Jones literally broke the 6mm of ice with the dory. This & lack of wind led to Chris’s decision to cancel the last Frost Bite Series race.

Simon Jones (Commodore) thanking all in attendance for what has been a very good year for the club.

We managed to train 5 dinghy sailors this year, 2 to RYA level one & the other 3 to the higher level 2. Simon then presented level two certificates to Alex, Donna & Mia.

Dinghy Winners-

Frost Bite Series: 1st Lee Wheatley 2nd John Young 3rd & 1st Junior Isla McKeown

Presidents plate: Simon Jones

Presidents plate crew: Peter Barker

Ladies Trophy: Heather Bennet Williams

Commodores cup: Alan Rogerson, 2nd place Dave Hopkins

Summer series: Simon Jones, 2nd place Alan Rogerson

Enteprise trophy: Lee Wheatley

Capsize cup: Peter Barker

Wednesday Evening: 1st Lee Wheatley, 2nd Place Dave Hopkins

Arthur Jones Trophy: David Jones

GP 14 cup: Rob Beswick

Rookie trophies: Donna McKeown, Mia Young

Junior Endeavour: Freya Bennett Williams

Bermuda Trophy (Safety Boat): Steve Locke

Model Winners-

The model section has gone from strength to strength with Dave’s coaching & race organisation skills. We have several new members participating, some are ex dinghy sailors which is always a bonus.

Marblehead Class : 1st Alf Bridford, 2nd Bill Jones, 3rd Eddie Edwards

One Metre Class: 1st Eddie Edwards, 2nd Bill Jones, 3rd Barrie Finneren

DF 95 Class: 1st Dave Bradley, 2nd Keith Pizzey, 3rd Ian Barraclough

DF 65 Class: 1st Dave Bradley, 2nd Keith Pizzey, 3rd Bob Andrews

Most Improved Rookie Racer: Alan Dixon

Regularly Participating All Round Modeller – Alan Dixon

Best Tug Pull – Ray Jones. (He succeeded in towing an ‘O’ Boat with crew very successfully).

Most Prolific Rookie Builder – Alan McLellan

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