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During the 202 COVID-19 lockdowns the RYA held a series of online webinar covering racing rules over 6 weeks, these have been made available via Utube the links to each are below.

Episode 1: – “INTRODUCTION TO RACING RULES – Racing Rules Episode 1” on YouTube

episode 1 intro to racing

Episode 2: –  “THE START –Racing Rules – Backing a Sail, Right of Way, Pin End” on YouTube

Episode 2 THE Start

Episode 3: – THE WINDWARD LEG– Racing Rules – General Limitations, Obstructions,

Episode 3 The Windward Leg

Episode 4: –  THE MARKS – PART 1 – Racing Rules Episode 4 – Marks and who is entitled to room?

Episode 4 The Marks Part 1

Episode 5: – THE RUN – Racing Rules Episode 5 – When do I have to Sail my Proper Course?

Episode 5 The Run

Episode 6: – THE MARKS – PART 2 – Racing Rules Episode 6 – Marks Masterclass

Episode 6 The Marks Part 2

Thanks to the RYA for allowing us to post these webcasts via our website

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ptbo 1

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