Open Meetings


Have a great day,and if you need anything please just ask.


Arthur Jones Day

Date TBA


As many of you will know Arthur was the founder of Gresford Sailing Club and as so many of us remember him fondly and appreciate what he did for us we are holding a classic open day in his honour. The day  will be open to the following boats which were the original classes at GSC Enterprise,GP,Mirror and Solo,all 2 handed boats should be sailed with 2 people onboard.Racing starts at 11.00 with pre race briefing at 10.30,there will be 4 races with 3 to count.We will be awarding the class cups for the winner of each class and then we will also use the results to decide on an overall winner who will then win the Arthur Jones Trophy.

Please bring your own lunch,there will be hot drinks available

Arthur Jones Founder O f Gresford Sailing Club AT the 50th anniversary

close sailing





   Bart’s Bash day


Details to follow as soon as finalised.


barts bash 2015























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